Yorkshire Volunteers
Regimental Association

Former members of this Territorial Army Infantry Regiment of the Line, those T.A. units from which it was formed, its successor battalions and others interested in the history of British Army Regiments are welcome to these pages.

The Association

The Yorkshire Volunteers Regimental Association offers membership to all who have served in the Regiment or in the Territorial Army units, which were amalgamated to form the Yorkshire Volunteers, or in one of the battalions or other units that succeeded the Regiment. Associate membership may be open to others.

The aims of the Association

The aims of the Association are to promote Regimental traditions and support succeeding T.A. Units in Yorkshire. The Association will safeguard the name of The Regiment and the interest and welfare of those who have served in or with it, or other members.


Ordinary membership is open to anyone who has served with the Yorkshire Volunteers or with one of the Territorial Army Units it succeeded or with one of its successor units. Associate members must be proposed and seconded by Ordinary Members and must support the aims of the Association.

The Association consists of a number of local branches, which meet with varying regularity, and Central Branch for those who cannot or do not want to meet except, perhaps, at the Annual Dinner or the Minster Service. The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of each branch are automatically a member of the Regimental Committee that meets several times a year.

The Association has a President and, since 2004, a Patron, Dr Ingrid Roscoe, Lord-Lieutenant for West Yorkshire.